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Alcohol-Free G&Ts? Yes please!

We never thought it would be possible to create an alcohol-free spirit or mixer that makes you think you’re drinking a real gin and tonic, but the alcohol-free beverage world is innovating at such a rapid pace that it’s finally possible!

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Dry-Friendly Bar: The Connaught

The swanky Connaught Bar at the hotel by the same name in Mayfair is where you go to celebrate a special event or just to celebrate your fabulous self.

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Scandinavia Says Skål to Alcohol-Free

Scandinavia is embracing alcohol-free with Sound Mind’s Sober Club and alcohol-free wine and beer in bars and restaurants.

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30th May 2019 19:00
Whether you're dry for the night or for life, DryScene wants to see you out on the town.
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DryScene – Where the Focus is on the Fun and Not What’s in Your Glass

We want to show you that alcohol abstinence can offer a fulfilled social life with like-minded people

Alcohol abstinence events here at DryScene offer non-drinkers and people entering the world of sobriety an opportunity to enjoy the nightlife and provide an alternative to getting drunk. We are a revolution amid today's drinking culture; we emphasise the fun to be had without drinking alcohol. The message from today's society is, “If you’re not drinking, you’re not having fun” and we want to turn the tables on that with our alcohol-free events.

Here we want to change the way people talk about alcohol. We know that there are many ways to have fun without a whisky and coke. With DryScene, you can change your mind-set from "let's go for a drink" to “let's go out and have a good time." We welcome anybody, whether your alcohol abstinence is permanent or you just fancy a detox.

Going teetotal with DryScene inspires you to take a night off while offering support to those who are also considering a life in the dry world. We promote a healthier attitude about drinking and alcohol abstinence, if teetotalism is the permanent result, so be it! As you'll see from her blog, DryChick has been having more fun than ever since stopping drinking and she hopes it's contagious, because often alcohol can relate to the subconscious mind more than anything, so give yourself a chance.

DryScene is a platform where you can find the latest news and reviews on low-alcohol beverages and events in the London area for those of you who are sober or thinking about teetotalism. We want to show you that alcohol abstinence does not mean the end to fantastic and fun-filled social occasions, it could well be the start of something wonderful! We all know that there’s nothing better than real happiness with a clear mind.


DryChick shows in her blog how you can navigate dating and other social situations sober. It should always be ok to say “No thanks, I’m dry” and this is where DryChick has designed events YOU can go to where alcohol isn’t the main subject. Sobriety is something DryChick has experience with, she wants to connect with like-minded people and get others out having fun.

If you are considering complete alcohol abstinence or thinking of going dry even just for the night, be sure to take a look at the reviews and events currently taking place in London.

Additionally, if you are looking to host an alcohol-free event anywhere in the world outside of London and would like to be featured on DryScene, please contact us.

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