Welcome to DryScene, where the focus is on the fun and not what’s in your glass.

DryScene was borne out of frustration. DryChick “gave up the drink” not long after moving to London and was struck by how every invitation and event evolved around drinking. The message was, if you’re not drinking, you’re not having a good time. There was almost a bullying culture, particularly working in The City (London’s financial district). It’s barely noon on Friday and the pubs are packed with suits clinging to pints with the motto: “Dinner is cheating.” Turning to the blogosphere for support, she found a lot of witty, engaging non-drinkers (mostly women) complaining about the same thing — from the safety of their couch. They’d rather stay home on a Friday night than face the barrage of questions about what they’re drinking, and why they’re “not drinking.” DryChick decided this wasn’t good enough. She created DryScene to get non-drinkers off their couch and back on the town. She still goes to cocktail bars, gigs and pubs and has a good time. Actually, a better time. And she wants you to join her. No one should be embarrassed about ordering a Coke without rum in it. It should always be ok to say “No thanks, I’m dry.” If you would like to host a DryScene event in your area, please contact us at events@dryscene.com.