Alcohol Free Bars London

Dry-Friendly Bar: All Bar One

all bar one
All Bar One is a chain of bars in London strategically located near offices for easy after-work drinks. They have a new menu featuring tasty, non-alcoholic cocktails they call “softails.”
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Dry-Friendly Bar: SushiSamba

A little bit of Las Vegas in London – a glass elevator swooshes you up to the 39th floor. Bartenders here will make you custom mocktails with passionfruit and other fresh ingredients.
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Upcoming Events

Tate Modern

Night at the Museum

28th February 2020 18:45

Ping Pong Restaurant

Winter Market

8th December 2019 15:00

Trapeze Bar

Comedy Night

30th May 2019 19:00

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We can direct you to the best non-alcoholic bars London!

Sober friendly bars to enjoy yourself without alcohol pressure, here are alcohol-free bar London reviews by DryScene

Not all bars are ‘dry-friendly’ and we guide you toward the finest non-alcoholic bars London and the surrounding area. Here at DryScene, we have found that many bars in London do offer wonderfully tasting low or no-alcohol beverages, including mixed drinks and beer!

For teetotalers or people looking to abstain from alcohol now and then, the world can seem a scary place as it seems impossible to avoid temptation with pubs and drinkers everywhere you look. This is where DryScene's founder and chief party thrower DryChick can help you out! We review pubs, bars and restaurants in and around London to help you select a great place to go for a sober night out. You’ll be surprised at how wonderful drinks without alcohol can taste. We search and seek out the friendliest and most helpful bartenders that cater to us and our dry group, which is why we’ve highlighted our favorites. We understand that non-alcoholic bars in London are not always easy to come by.

These bars are completely "normal" venues that offer a non-alcoholic menu or selection that dry or sober people will enjoy, so there is no need for you to ever feel out of place. If you’re searching for an alcohol-free bar London but are unsure of the atmosphere and pricing, DryChick’s speciality is picking out great venues where sober people can actually have fun! You'll never feel disappointed when you get a mocktail recommended by DryScene, as we are always on the lookout for non-alcoholic bars London that are the most friendly and accepting of teetotalers and alcohol abstainers. They are produced by London's best bartenders who pay extra special attention to flavours and taste so you'll never miss the alcohol of a regular cocktail.

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