London For Mocktails

DryScene knows where to find the best alcohol free cocktails!

London for the non-drinker can be a wonderful place, stick with DryScene to find the best mocktails London

Here at DryScene, we understand that certain social occasions can be tough, especially if you’re staying away from the spirits, but gone are the days where your only options at the bar are a lemonade or a glass of water. Mocktails in London have gotten better because we at DryScene have demanded it!

We throw popular alcohol-free cocktails parties as part of our mission to encourage a healthier lifestyle. We host events such as ‘Mocktails in the City’ where the drinks taste so good that you almost forget that there’s no alcohol in your glass! What’s more, you’re having alcohol-free cocktails in a “normal” bar or restaurant alongside drinkers who don’t even notice you’re “not drinking.” In fact, your drink looks so good that they may ask you to make a recommendation! DryScene wants you to remember that choosing alcohol-free cocktails doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on great flavour and quality refreshments. Here at DryScene, we will guide you to the best looking and tasting mocktails London that you could wish for!

You’ll savour every sip and avoid the hangover with mocktails in London that will knock your socks off! We have London’s finest bartenders outdoing themselves, mixing, shaking and pouring to impress us here at DryScene. Some of their creative concoctions have even have featured feathers and edible flowers! We know that it takes talent and focus to make such delicious alcohol-free cocktails and we highlight the bars and restaurants that mix up a variety of creative flavours to produce amazing mocktails in London for you to enjoy. Find the best de-alcoholised beverages here!

Check out photos from DryScene’s fun-filled New Year’s Eve Party, where professional bartenders shaped a menu just for us with a number of yummy alcohol-free cocktails to choose from, including a glass of bubbly for our midnight toast! If you’re eager to find the best mocktails in London why not have a look at one of our favourite dry bars here.