Beer Review: Summer in a Glass

paulaner weiss wine

Paulaner Non-Alcoholic Hefe-Weißbier

Less than 0.5% alcohol

Rating: Distinguished

Paulaner was always my favorite beer tent at Oktoberfest, so I was excited to try this non-alcoholic version.
(When I lived in Germany, my FitnessFirst used to stock this in the fridge next to the Powerade, so it must be good for you too, right?)
Weißbier (translation: “white beer”) is a type of hefeweizen. I always preferred it on a hot summer day because it wasn’t as heavy as the regular wheat beer. This alcohol-free version is rich in character, with honey and orange flavors. Not overly sweet, with a pleasant dry aftertaste. I can already see myself hoisting a “Maß” of this while singing “Ein Prosit” when I return to Oktoberfest. (Yes, they serve alcohol-free beer as well as “Apfelschorle,” a fizzy alcohol-free apple juice, in many of the tents because it’s a family affair. So you can still celebrate dry, if you can put up with the “betrunken” revelers.)

Supermarket outside of Germany: EUR2.09/bottle

*Price reflects what DryChick paid for the product at retail. She did not receive this product for free or accept any payment in exchange for this review. Opinions expressed here are solely her own.

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