Beer Review: Bitter Pils

low alcohol beer, low alcohol becks

Beck’s Blue

(0.05% alcohol)

Rating: Distinguished

I love this “pils.” I get excited when I see it in a shop and I look forward to having it with particular foods, like nachos and pizza and spicy beef tacos. It’s crisp and dry and with a bitter aftertaste, just like a good pilsner should. It has a somewhat floral quality too, making it enjoyable to drink even without food. It’s made according to the German beer-making purity law from 1516 called the Reinheitsgebot, so it’s easy to forget it doesn’t have all the alcohol in it. (The alcohol is removed after brewing.) Now if we could get every pub to stock it!

GBP3.50 for a 6-pack at Sainsbury’s

*Price reflects what DryChick paid for the product at retail. She did not receive this product for free or accept any payment in exchange for this review. Opinions expressed here are solely her own.

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