Wine Review: Richly Red

eminasin wine

EminaSin Doce Meses

(o.5% alcohol)

Rating: Distinguished

This is hands down the best dealcoholised red wine out there, and it’s worth the bigger price tag. Made by Grupo Matarromera, this Spanish winemaker has put a lot of research into making a good low-alcohol red wine and it shows in this blend. This is a full-bodied red that you can enjoy on its own without pairing it (i.e. washing it down) with food, which is the case with many other alcohol-free wines. I yearn to sit in front of a roaring fireplace with a large glass of this wine! I’ve also enjoyed it with a big juicy steak. It comes with a beautiful label too, which makes it a great offering for holiday dinners.

GBP9.99 online

*Price reflects what DryChick paid for the product at retail. She did not receive this product for free or accept any payment in exchange for this review. Opinions expressed here are solely her own.

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