Stopping Drinking

Stopping drinking promotes a healthy lifestyle, here at DryScene wants you to get on board and show you that sobriety isn’t code for boring!

Whether you are stopping drinking totally or wish to stay sober a few nights per week and cut down your alcohol intake, we want to show you that stopping drinking doesn’t mean that you are not permitted a busy social life. Try it out, what could be better than a night out with friends and no hangover to wake up to?

Stopping drinking is not easy for anybody, no matter how often you drink or how old you are, alcohol is a form of confidence for many people and without it they feel as though the good times won’t be as fun. Although DryScene are not your therapists, we are here to support each and every one of you who make the choice to socialise with us, we know that stopping drinking takes bravery and courage.

You don’t need to give any reasons for your decision on stopping drinking. There is no need to explain yourself with us, we simply want to show you a good time. Some people like to detox for a week while some people don’t want to drink again once they’ve overcome the first stages of stopping drinking. It’s all up to the individual – it’s often a great support to find like-minded people.

Due to the way alcohol consumption is so casual amongst people of all ages, stopping drinking can be incredibly difficult to overcome as it seems that all people want to do is “go for a drink”. Here at DryScene we are here to remind you that there is lots of fun to be had without alcohol, oh and of course, lots of friends to make!

It’s time to get off your sofa and out to mingle and socialise, the benefits are endless – save money and stay sober!

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