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Barhopping Sober

Walking up to the bar and ordering an alcohol-free drink for the first time can be an awkward experience. (Take it from this former party girl!) Here are a few top tips from DryChick for barhopping sober.
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Sober Oktoberfest

beer, sober oktober
One of the things you notice when you give up drinking is that it’s harder to find fun things to do with your former drinking buddies.
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How To Give Up Alcohol

mocktail drinks
My version of “dry” means that I drink alcohol-free beer or dealcoholized wine on occasion. While some in the sober community may view this as cheating, it works for me.
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Going Teetotal

air balloon, freedom
I always loved a good party. I was usually the first to arrive and the last to leave, and I made sure everyone’s glass was full (especially my own). I admit I enjoyed partying a bit too much at times, so I decided to “go dry” to preserve my health — and my sanity.
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