Wine Review: White Knight

Torres Natureo Muscat

0.5% alcohol

Rating: Distinguished

One of my favorites from Spanish winemaker Torres’s Natureo dealcoholized line. This is good enough to fool dinner party guests for the real thing. Lots of flavor, pleasant green apple aroma. Keeps in the fridge longer than full-proof wine. Enjoy with fish and white meat, white pasta dishes and British cheddar. Best value for money. (Just make sure to check the expiration date! Had a very disappointing experience with a bottle that had turned very sour. It was 2 years past the date, which says something about its popularity at this one store. The date is etched into the glass on the back of the bottle. Don’t be fooled: low-or-no alcohol wines don’t always get better with age.)

GBP5.99 Waitrose

*Price reflects what DryChick paid for the product at retail. She did not receive this product for free or accept any payment in exchange for this review. Opinions expressed here are solely her own.

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